39th Annual Covenant Award Nominee!

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The Bob Hawkins Band

The Bob Hawkins Band is a Christian Country/Rock group that formed in Orillia, Ontario, Canada in 2001.  The band's core members have been performing together since the 1970's.  With two studio albums and many singles released the band has been prolific in the creation of original music that draws from their experiences.   This culminated in 2017 when the Band's single "In Your Love" was nominated for a Covenant Award.

The Band performs regularily.  Doing a Special Needs Service in Orillia the 4th Sunday of every month.  They perform worship services at Churches such as their 2nd Sunday of the Month Victoria Harbour performance.  They also perform at special events and festivals throughout the year.  The Band seeks to have a meaningful impact on the people that need the message the most. 

Please visit our Facebook page for performance dates and locations.



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